Product NameActive IngredientsConcetrationPackaging sizeIndication
AquaformPotasium Diformate97%25 kg / bagThe sustainable growth promoter
FishformPotasium Diformate-The alternative for high-quality fish meal
ADDCON XL 2.0Formic Acid51-63%1 LiterWater Acidifier
Natrium Format28-36%
Formi NDFSodium diformate95,5 % (Formic acid min 75%)25 kg / bagThe quality enhancer
Kofa GrainPropionic acid,370 g/kgLong term preservation of high moisture grain and maize
Sodium benzoate,140 g/kg
Sodium propionate110 g/kg
ADDCON XF SuperfineCalcium Propionate625000 mg/kg25 Kg / bagAs feed additive in agricultural farmed animal nutrition (poultry and swine)
Calcium formate325000 mg/kg
Sodium benzoate50000 mg/kg
ADDCON ProfeedCalcium formate10%Sak 20 kgAntifungi, Antibacterial, Anti yeast, Mycotoxin binder (AFL, T2, FUM, OCH, ZEA) and Detoxification DON`
Calcium Propionate20%
Sodium benzoic1%
Sodium metabisulphite31,5%
Activated Micronize Clay ( Attapulgite)
Formi StableMineral Coating (Diatomaceous Earth, Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Fat/Palmitic Acid)16%Sak 25 kgAntibacterial (-) and Binding intestinal endotoxin, Support growth-performance
Formate Acid34%
ADDCON XL ForteFormic Acid40-45%Botol : 1 lt, Jerigen : 25 ltBactericidal for bacteria gram negative and positive
Natrium Format22-30%

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