Product Name Active Ingredients Concetration Packaging size Indication Download
Aquaform Potasium Diformate 97 % 25 kg / bag The sustainable growth promoter
Fishform Potasium Diformate The alternative for high-quality fish meal
ADDCON XL 2.0 Formic Acid

Natrium Format



1 Liter Water Acidifier
Formi NDF Sodium diformate  95,5 % (Formic acid min 75%) 25 kg / bag The quality enhancer
Kofa Grain Propionic acid,

Sodium benzoate,

Sodium propionate

 370 g/kg

140 g/kg

110 g/kg

Long term preservation of high moisture grain and maize English


ADDCON XF Superfine
  • Calcium Propionate
  • Calcium formate
  • Sodium benzoate
625000 mg/kg

325000 mg/kg

50000 mg/kg

25 Kg / bag As feed additive in agricultural farmed animal nutrition (poultry and swine). Indonesia

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